Time to develop ‘the Pakistan thesis’

A consistent theme in The Acorn has been that peace can prevail in the subcontinent only if Pakistan casts off its ‘anti-thesis of India’ mentality and decides to pursue its own destiny. Pakistani commentator Iqbal Mustafa makes this very point in today’s The News daily.

We have to turn the antithesis of India into a thesis for Pakistan as it stands today, away from the shadows of the past. Pakistan is a reality today, not an experiment, as Maulana Abul Kalaam Azad had warned. We have all the credentials of a sovereign state – considerable natural resources, entrepreneurial people, strategic geographic location, sound administrative and logistic infrastructures and tremendous comparative advantage in agriculture. We have been busy negating India and not exploiting our blessings, like cutting your nose off to spite your face. Solution to the Kashmir conflict is going to be the stepping-stone to developing a thesis for Pakistan.[The News/Jang]

If this view gains momentum in Pakistan, there is indeed hope for a peaceful future.

Meanwhile, here’s the official Pakistani reaction to India’s purchase of Phalcon radars

Pakistan will shortly retaliate against India’s deal to purchase three Phalcon airborne early warning radar systems from Israel, which would disturb the strategic balance in South Asia.

Director General Inter-Services Public Relations Major-General Shaukat Sultan said this on Saturday.

He said, “The sale of sophisticated weapons to India will disturb the strategic and conventional imbalance in South Asia, and we will naturally take steps to make up for the deal soon.” He maintained, “We will neutralise the move through every resources at our disposal.” [Hi Pakistan]

That sounds very much like the ‘we’ll eat grass’ mindset that got Pakistan where it is today. Sending the men in uniform back to the barracks is pretty essential before Pakistan can evolve its own ‘thesis’.