Kinder, gentler, liberal Europe?

The EU is quick to criticise harsh laws designed to combat terrorism. But this is how Spain has treats its accused

Spanish authorities have arrested 15 suspects in connection with the March 11 railway bombings — 11 Moroccans, two Indians, one Algerian and a Spaniard. Thirteen remain in custody, of whom 11 now have been charged and jailed pending further investigation. One Moroccan and the Algerian were released.

Of the suspects charged so far, five have been charged with mass murder and belonging to a terrorist group and six have been charged with collaborating with a terrorist group.

All but the two Indians are being held in solitary confinement without access to lawyers or family members. [AP/Yahoo]

This is not to suggest that Spain is wrong in treating the terrorist-suspects in this manner, only how differently countries behave once they are the ones affected.

Kinder, gentler, liberal Europe needs its POTA too.