Singapore armed forces to train in India

Nehru and Shastri showed disinterest in helping the then newly-independent Singapore to set up and train its armed forces. Since then the Singapore armed forces train in the United States, Australia and some East Asian countries.

In the new strategic realities of the post-Cold War and post-9/11 world, Singapore and India are drawing together is a closer security relationship.

It’s a privilege that India has never extended. Not even to its closest neighbours. Come October, fighter arcraft from the Republic of Singapore Air Force will be allowed to conduct exercises over Indian airspace while its army has also been given permission to train on Indian soil.

The unusual arrangement was finalised last week when India’s Defence Secretary Ajay Prasad met his Singapore counterpart Peter Ho. [The Indian Express]

Navies of the two countries already conduct joint exercises and operations. Extending the scope to cover air exercises will be particularly useful to Singapore with its limited airspace.

Although small in size, the Singapore armed forces are well trained, well equipped and have good experience in working on joint platforms with United States, Australia etc. Greater cooperation between the two armed forces will be of mutual benefit.

2 thoughts on “Singapore armed forces to train in India”

  1. Seems like military training can well become another of our hallowed services exports! Given our rich diversity of terrain, climactic and altitudinal conditions, not to mention varied anti-terror and anti-insurgent experience – we should charge a premium for such services!

  2. Monk says it truly. Surrounded by muslim countries, S`pore nearest `friend` is India since the muslim countries of malaysia and Indonesia see non-muslim S`pore as a threat. Malaysia in fact has restricted this training.

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