9/11 parentheses

Here are some interesting bits from and inspired by 9/11 commission’s hearings.

Easterbrook in the New Republic online writes that Bush could have ended up being impeached if he had used the August 6th intelligence summary report to attack Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan (via Insults Unpunished)

Niranjan Ramakrishnan’s says Condoleezza Rice stoops but does not conquer, in her testimony. Max Boot Sawicky points out that the keywords were all there in the August 6th intelligence report, but no one bothered to connect the dots. Interestingly, a Florida con-man turned government informant testified to a Congressional committee in 2002 that a Pakistani agent had told him that the WTC towers were ‘coming down’.

The White House cleared the evacuation of Bin Ladin’s family and a Saudi prince with links to al Qaeda two days after 9/11 with only a cursory glance by the FBI, writes Craig Unger (via Niraj). Another airlift the White House approved took place in Kunduz, after the Northern Alliance took the city on November 25th. Pakistani army & intelligence personnel were airlifted out of Kunduz in a series of sorties, which were reported by Seymour Hersch. These actions gave Osama, his family, and his Saudi and Pakistani backers opportunities to escape.

Paul Thompson of the Centre for Cooperative Research has an excellent 9/11 timeline with good details on what happened in the war against al Qaeda.

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