LTTE routs its rebel faction

Velupillai Prabhakaran has further strengthened his hold over the Tamil Tiger movement with the defeat of its rebel faction. Karuna, the commander of its rebel faction is on the run. In the end, there were no takers for Karuna’s rebellion – no one wanted to see yet another player in Sri Lanka’s civil war.

The Sri Lankan Armed Forces, on which he was counting, did not help him. He might have thought that he would be able to get India on his side, when he condemned the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and declared that he had Neelan, one of the plotters of the assassination, in his custody. But India did not fall for the bait, and kept aloof. Karuna tried to curry favour with the United States by giving news to an American agency in preference to others. But this did not cut ice with the US as the American Ambassador in Sri Lanka dubbed any talk US backing for Karuna as “baloney”. The Sri Lankan political parties, which the LTTE said were behind Karuna, also did not come to his aid.[HT]