Human rights watchers, seen this?

The Hurriyat may blow hot on human rights violations by security forces in Kashmir, and the international conscience arbiters may faithfully regurgitate it in glossy annual reports; but not a word of condemnation from them when incidents like this happen.

In a gruesome incident, terrorists beheaded wife and daughter of a special police officer in Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, official sources said on Sunday.

The terrorists barged into the house of SPO Ghulam Hassan Qureshi late on Saturday night at Bazipora village and beheaded his 30-year old wife Shaha and eight-year old daughter Misra, they said.

The SPO was not present at home as he was on duty at Bandipora.

Before fleeing, the terrorists planted an IED in the SPO’s house which was later defused by the bomb disposal squad.[HT]

This is only an indicative sample. There are many more every day.

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