Prevent AIDS, follow Pakistan’s orthodox values

India and Pakistan have much to learn from each other, writes Kunwar Idris. He admires India’s institutionalised democracy and separation of powers that Pakistan sorely lacks. And what can India learn from Pakistan?

It is not all one-way traffic. When it comes to social and moral stresses caused by alcoholism, lewdness, prostitution and similar evils which inevitably accompany a pluralistic society, India could benefit by following Pakistan’s orthodox restraints imposed by its religious and legal codes. In India, 10 million people are suspected to have AIDS. The number in Pakistan can be counted on one’s fingers. [Dawn]

But look what the ‘orthodox restraints’ recently caused in Australia or for that matter in Pakistani jails where majority of the inmates are victims of rape.

Try again, Kunwar Idris.

3 thoughts on “Prevent AIDS, follow Pakistan’s orthodox values”

  1. The reason AIDS is not a problem in Pakistan because no on really knows. For Pakistan, ignorance is bliss.

    But AIDS is transmitted not only through sexual means, but through the exchange of dirty needles, especially among drug addicts, which Pakistan has a good many of.

    The Bostn Globe has a small gallery about drug addiction in Pakistan here.

  2. Niraj,

    You are right. Official estimate for HIV positive is about 2000 cases. UNAIDS/WHO puts it at about 75,000 in 2003. These studies are based on sexual transmission of HIV.

    No one knows the severity of the under-reporting.

    As you point out, the other source of infection is through drug addicts. No info available on those.

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