A US military base in Nepal?

Paul Soren of the Observer Research Foundation reads the US supply of military hardware to the Nepalese army as being aimed at establishing a military base in the Himalayan Kingdom.

In real terms the US interest in Nepal is totally different. As per the geo-political location and the existing political vacuum in Nepal the US wants to take advantage of the situation and establish it military base. It is least bothered about the impact of political instability in the country. This is an excuse of the US administration that it is helping the Nepalese government to fight insurgency. In fact US wants to keep a vigil on the Chinese and Indian through its presence in Nepal. Therefore strategically, to tackle China and India in the region the US is strengthening its military base in countries near to these countries. The US policy of military aid is merely a gimmick. Actually it is hoping that by providing military and economic aid it can oblige the Nepalese government for its own interest in future.[ORF]

China and India are not likely to allow this to happen any time soon. China is hardly likely to accept the US forces so close to restive Tibet, while India would find an overt US military presence in its immediate neighbourhood too close for comfort.