Security Council scores poorly

Reuben Abraham highlights an article by Bernard Lewis which argues that the UN Security Council’s record on conflict resolution is poor. For example, Britain, India and Pakistan were able to close the chapter on partition without UN involvement, whereas the UN-managed Israel-Palestine conflict is a huge open wound that bleeds to this day. Moreover, the only element of Partition that went to the UN was Kashmir – where conflict continues to this day.

The UN security council is an unrepresentative body which frequently indulges in ‘design by committee’. I agree with Reuben that Nehru’s decision to take the matter to the UN security council was ill advised, misguided and as some argue, a blatant manipulation by special interests within the British Foreign Office at that time.

It is no small wonder that India – which wants Kashmir settled – insists on the bilateral route, while Pakistan – which sees the conflict in its interests – has long insisted on UN involvement.