Why Sonia Gandhi must become Prime Minister

Sonia Gandhi seems to have turned down the opportunity to become Prime Minister.

Turning down the position is tacit acceptance of the objections raised about her foreign birth. Backtracking now will knock down the message of inclusion and acceptance that both the Indian constitution and Indian people have so strongly signaled. Nothing should prevent an Indian citizen – irrespective of the way in which citizenship was acquired – to stand for and be appointed to any public office.

Sonia Gandhi will deliver a supreme insult to all Indians if she does not accept the weight of responsibility she has been entrusted with; all the more so because if there is one thing India needs today it is strong leadership.


‘My inner voice tells me I must decline PM’s post, please understand force of my conviction’ [Sonia Gandhi]

Funny how the inner voice decided to speak up so late.

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  1. I am one of those who initially thought that Sonia Gandhi should not be a PM. The issue has become irrerelevant in this elections, but the BJP did not let go of it. After winning I think it is fair to ask her to be the PM and not bow down to BJP’s tactics. I think it was highly undemocratic of the BJP and NDA to say that they would boycott the Swearing Ceremony. The nation is at more danger having Modi as Chief Minister than with Sonia as PM.

  2. Dinesh & Ramdhan: I fully agree with you. Having a lesser figure as PM could take us to the days of ‘remote control’ politics, where the PM can be overruled by his party leader.

    Secondly, Sonia’s back down suggests a certain cavalier prevarication. In the US elections, the candidates are forced to show how much they want the job. In Sonia’s case she seemed to have decided she’s not cut out to be PM after all; but 600 million voters were led to believe otherwise.

    Leading the country is a serious responsibility which Sonia will do well to take up.

  3. As the news reports say, the decision was perhaps a well-thought one and taken quite a while ago. The main reason in staging the 6-9 drama at the party meeting of of May 18 perhaps to gratify the congress workers and newly elected turks and to slowly absolve the power struggle that takes place at such occasions. Manmohan Singh is not a man with strong public base and declaring him a contender directly would have generated problem. This emotional twist was perhaps brought in to counter the BJP attack as well as slowly disperse the congress cadre that would not have accepted Manmohan Singh otherwise.

  4. Nitin,
    I tend to agree with Debashish. This seems a little too well planned, though the question of timing remains. If Sonia stays put with her decision, one can safely assume that most of her opponents underestimated her political acumen.

    That said, I dont know if she can continue to not buckle under the ridiculous pressure from those sycophantic congressmen (all the CWC members have resigned).

    Either way, I hope we have a decision soon instead of this drama. It’s ridiculous to keep the country hanging in this fashion.

  5. I disagree, for too long India has had incompetent PM’s starting from Nehru. Personally, I do not think anybody was suited to be a PM amongst those who actually served as PM. This recent developement is a dream come true for India as well as Bharat.

    I feel that it is time politics is run as a business, and Manmohan may yet bring shine to everybody, including the poor.

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