Nuclear smuggler in the dock

The Los Angeles Times has a story on Asher Karni, a South African trafficker linked with the A Q Khan nuclear Wal-Mart. Unsurprisingly it shows how Pakistan’s nuclear purchases and sales were known to almost anyone who cared to know, but were ignored by everyone who could have cared to act.

Milhollin, who provided the letter to The Times, first exposed Hempel’s activities more than 15 years ago, sounding repeated alarms before congressional committees.

Milhollin, whose organization maintains a database that tracks suspected nuclear proliferators, which is used by dozens of governments, warned in 1989 that U.S. officials needed to stop the nuclear black market before it was too late.

“Otherwise, the strategic map of the world is being redrawn without anyone really understanding the consequences,” Milhollin wrote. “That these sales are still happening — after a decade of U.S. efforts to stop them — shows how U.S. diplomacy has failed.” [LA Times via Daily Times]

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  1. I wonder why we have seen so little about Khans conections with Iraq’s weapons programs? You would think the New York Times and other like minded papers would love to point out that one of the major allies of the WOT that has been strongly supported by the Whitehouse was helping Saddam aquire band weapons… ohh guess I answered that question my self.

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