“India” belongs to the subcontinent’s Muslims

The most valuable asset of Partition

Mr Aftab Alam, an Advocate in Pakistan’s High Court strongly argues that India has stolen the name “India” which rightfully belongs to Pakistan. In his derivation from the two-nation theory therefore Muslims on either side of the border are Indians, while Hindus and others are something else altogether. Bharat has cleverly stolen the name “India” from its rightful owners.

And the most interesting part – that he is serious!

All the self-importance the Bharat has been making a show thereon, have been the Indian Muslims heritage. Right from their legendary drummer, namely Allah Rakha Khan to the Nuclear Scientist, Abdul Kalam Khan, including the overwhelming number of the most celebrated poets, writers, historians, geographers, architectures, sport stars, film stars, musicians, singers have been Muslims. Similarly all their world fame fascinating architectural monuments have been Indians Muslims made. So much so that Hindus do not have the name for their country of theirs and thus have swindled us of our name “India” – which had been ours exclusively.

Indian Muslims on either side of the border have never been ‘Pakistanis’ and Hindus on either side of the border have never been ‘Indians’ – We have been ‘Indians Muslims’ throughout and they have been ‘Bharati Hindus’ throughout. Similarly Indian Muslims have never ever named their homeland as Pakistan during their 1000-year rule – and ‘Bharati Hindus’ have never ever named their homeland as India, before the Muslims rule. During the entire Muslims Era, we the Indian Muslims had always named our country as ‘Hindustan’ or ‘Hind’ as a nickname, in the local languages and ‘India’ in the western languages, before the great divide. [PakTribune via Pakistani Perspective]

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  1. Wtf is wrong with this guy? Doesnt know his geography? The Indus empties itself into the Arabian sea, not the Indian ocean!

    /Indian Ocean; the ocean wherein the mighty river, /Indus is emptied and has been taking bath, since /the time immemorial.

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