Double agent absconds

Ravinder Singh, an Indian intelligence operative suspected of working for US intelligence has absconded. Interestingly his identity was revealed thanks to a US diplomat putting his foot in the mouth.

While the agency is trying to establish what secrets Singh compromised, what is clear is that the spy fled while RAW dithered.

When RAW’s bosses discussed the issue with a former top security official, they were asked not to proceed against Singh legally.

That split the RAW hierarchy. While one group wanted immediate action against Singh, another refused to give the green light for Singh’s arrest. The time lost gave Singh the opportunity to make a quiet getaway. Sources said his US handlers may have assisted him in his escape. [HT]

It is a well-known fact that such in the intelligence world it is normal to spy on both friends and enemies; but in an environment where the loony Left and anachronistic non-aligners hold sway, this incident may be over-politicised to fuel anti-American sentiments.