Does India have mini nukes?

Citing a report in a German newspaper, Pakistan’s Daily Times suggests that India has successfully developed and tested a sub-kiloton nuclear warhead.

India has successfully developed a low yield nuclear bomb capable of use in the battlefield, a German newspaper reported on Saturday, quoting diplomatic sources in New Delhi. The daily Berliner Zeitung said Indian nuclear scientists tested a series of mini-atomic bombs in Rajasthan. The addition of mini-nuclear bombs to Indian defence inventory will radically alter the military balance with nuclear rival Pakistan, the report said. The report come just a day after New Delhi agreed to Islamabad’s proposal for talks on nuclear confidence building measures.[Daily Times]

Both Pakistan’s test of the nuclear-capable Ghauri/Hatf-V missile this week and the absence of corroborating reports about the Indian tests suggest that this could be a deliberate piece of misinformation.