Our ally, the enemy

Americaphobia causes Indiaphilia

In the same week as the US Congress approved Pakistan’s designation as a major ally, Pakistani columnist Ayaz Amir suggests that the United States is Pakistan’s new enemy. Ayaz Amir is no wild eyed Islamic fundamentalist – his indictment of America is a riposte to people like John Kerry who argue that democracy in Pakistan can wait.

[Pakistanis] are also sick and tired of the American connection. The American yoke sits heavily on Pakistan. If the people of Pakistan had their way they’d tell the Americans to leave tomorrow.

The Pakistani establishment has yet to realize it but the old paradigms have shifted. The new enemy, the new threat to Pakistani security, comes from the US and its irresponsible policies in this part of the world, not India.

In fact, an equitable relationship with India, realistic rather than starry-eyed, is Pakistan’s best guarantee to safeguard national independence and stand up to American pressure. [Dawn]

Interestingly, Amir not only takes Natwar Singh’s proposal of a joint nuclear doctrine for Asia’s nuclear threesome seriously, but also believes it is good for Pakistan

Indian Foreign Minister Natwar Singh’s proposal for a shared nuclear doctrine between China, India and Pakistan is radical in its import. For it implies an ability to look for regional solutions to regional problems, free from outside interference. It also gives Pakistan protection against American designs to castrate its nuke capability. [Dawn]

2 thoughts on “Our ally, the enemy”

  1. Nitin:

    The camel’s nose is in the tent in C. Asia. Read this for more on their thinking…


    They withdraw from Europe and push to Turkey. They develop UAV’s or super planes so one day they wont need bases.

    They treat the symptoms of the disease, never looking at the origin, even if it stares in their face. To counter terrorism is really easy for just the one biggest nation, and it is not interested. The trillions they spend can be better diverted somewhere else. Why do they feel the need to be aggressive? They can dominate more subtly, this will bring about changes, is what I think.


  2. The asia nuclear strategy seems like a really good idea — it’s a win-win-win situation (i.e., for India, Pakistan, China).

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