A fifth on Defence

Another military budget

Pakistan’s Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz increased defence expenditure for the coming year by 7% to a record 194 billion Pakistani rupees [Thanks Sudhir, for pointing out the typo]. Even if the increase in real terms is just over 3%, overt defence expenditure constitutes 21.5% of the government’s budget. One dollar out of every five is spent on the armed forces, not necessarily on defence.

Like the case of the Soviets, such military profligacy will prove to be unsustainable.

4 thoughts on “A fifth on Defence”

  1. I’m sorry but the $194 billion def budget figure is ludicrious – higher than pak’s GDP! Either its $194 million (which somehow seems too low) or Rs. 194 bn – which seems much more reasonable.
    Let Pak dig itself into its own grave with these ever increasing def expenditures. We merely have to believe in ourselves and be patient – Pak’s unravelling in inevitable, if not imminent.

  2. Don’t forget the billions of rupees it earns running various companies. Then their are illicit activites– arms, drugs, contraband, etc.

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