European Parliament’s Kashmir fixation

Gratuitous concern from European boy scouts

The European Parliament’s fixation with Kashmir continues. The new parliament is intends to send a delegation to Kashmir as part of its intention to play a greater role in this affair.

It should mind its own business.

Already, it is rousing increasing apathy among its European constituents. If it desires to make itself more relevant, it would be better off paying attention to genuine issues that concern Europeans today, rather than seek newspaper headlines by courting controversy. In its current form, the European Parliament does not have the credentials or the power to play a useful role in Kashmir, even if its services were required in the first place.

India is a secular democracy with institutions that can solve the (not insignificant) problems of its own citizens. And it even has a Muslim majority state which chooses its own elected representatives. Europe on the other hand is constantly looking for new excuses to keep a Muslim majority Turkey out of the Union.

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Europe Yawns: More typical, perhaps, was Anne-Claire Gross, a 20-year-old native of Strasbourg. She said she did not vote and has “no idea at all” about what the Parliament does, even though it is the most important institution in her hometown.[NYT]

3 thoughts on “European Parliament’s Kashmir fixation”

  1. Nitin:

    One word describes them–Euro-trash! They’re bit players, and the Pakistani reliance on their ‘theatrics’ actually cheers me considerably.

    P.S., I’ll email you in the next couple of days.

  2. Reminds me of two local New Hampshire politicians who made it their mission in live to reslove the Kashmiri crisis. Wasted valuable state resource, as well.


  3. i think indians are going get maid when they hear some one talking truth. it is the truth which prevails at lat.

    India cannot keep the Kashmiris their slaves by using Terrorist Armed Forces to terrorise Kashmiri people, who are seeking their birth right of right to self determination.

    I am a kashmiri and i know what are our feelings about Terrorist Indian state.
    we spit over the name of india and its barbaric forces. what these fanatic indian hindus are talking is only a lie.

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