Why the Khobar terrorists killed Indians

Blinding hatred

John Bradley has an interview with the leader of the al Qaeda cell responsible for the brutal terrorist attack in the Saudi town of Khobar that killed 22 foreigners, including 8 Indians. The terrorist reveals how and why they killed the Indians: because they were Hindu polytheists and one of them did not allow Muslims to perform their prayers.

We found Filipino Christians, and killed them and dedicated their death to our brothers the Mujahedeen in the Philippines, and we found Hindu engineers and we killed them too, thanks to God. So we rid the land of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) of a lot of Christians and polytheists that day.After that we went towards the hotel. We entered it and found a restaurant, where we ate breakfast and rested for a while.

Then went up to the first floor and found some Hindu dogs, and we killed them, and I said to the brothers: put the bodies on the stairs, so when the solders of the idolaters attempt to attack us, they will see the bodies and be terrified by the sight. It seems that I had been too optimistic, because not one of the cowards entered the building until we left.

We take the chance to initiate a Qu’ran reading circle for the remaining Muslims, and we taught them how to read the Fatiha [the opening verse] perfectly. And they seemed to be overwhelmed by us. They were saying, how did you manage to pull this off in the current volatile situation, and thanked God that we were able to do so. The Muslim Indians informed us that their manager was a malicious Hindu who does not let them perform their prayers, and that he would be coming in a while. When he came, we confirmed his religion from his ID papers, then left him sit with us for a while…

I assigned each of the brothers in a certain place at the hotel, to be ready to face any attack against us by the government dogs. At 2pm they attacked with an officer…

Nemer, mercy on his soul, was shouting at someone, saying: “Come closer coward, come closer… and the others were running away from him. They started heavy shooting against the hotel and kept it up until the Asr (after 1500th prayer), during which time we killed this bad Hindu Indian, who did not allow the Muslim employees to perform their prayers. [John Bradley]

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  1. Well, isn’t it about time that the secular Indian government increase the Haj subsidy? The Hindu Nationalist government of Vajpayee only increased it 200 percent. Time, wouldn’t you say, to increase it a 1000 percent now? The filthy kuffars need to be taught a lesson (filthy kuffars refers to Hindus, in case that was not clear.)

  2. I am loathe to believe the credibility of this account. NOT the slaying of Indians (Hindus) and Christians by the Khobar killers but this “interview”. I read it on John Bradley’s site and, well, it reads like a parody:

    – We went down again and at the gate we found our brother the hero Nemer guarding us. He was drinking a water as though he were enjoying a picnic, because he was too brave, mercy on his soul.
    – We entered it and found a restaurant, where we ate breakfast and rested for a while
    – We take the chance to initiate a Qu’ran reading circle for the remaining Muslims, and we taught them how to read the Fatiha [the opening verse] perfectly
    – After the sunset prayer, we asked God again, and after final prayer we asked God for the third time for help. At that time, we were feeling a kind of wonderful sleepiness, and it was most wonderful, since from the morning we were feeling sleepy, and we remembered God’s saying about such a situation.

    Breakfast? Picnic? Reading sessions? Siestas?

    Look, I am first to condemn the absolute horror of these people but I am skeptical that this interview is true. Seems to me like braggadacio of dubious origins. I would like to see the Arabic to really make up my mind. John Bradley thinks it is true and he is likely to know a lot more about it than me. But still, WTF!? are those weird asides doing in that retelling? They make no sense in the context of a killing spree with armed guards as opponents.

  3. Sepoy,

    I’m inclined to agree with your view about the authenticity of John Bradley’s translation. Is there any other alternative source/translation of this account?

    Whatever be the case, the Saudi terrorists murdered 8 innocent Indians who had done no harm to the Saudis. Another more reliable account may be sound less fantastic, but in no way will it change the motivations of the terrorists – killing in the name of their interpretation of religion.

  4. i agree…these people are the worst offenders of humanity.
    i will look for an alternative interview – although, the chance of any news coming out of KSA is damn low

  5. Thanks Nitin. That settles that. They are worse than their own parodies. At least, the MEMRI gave the arabic original which is more chilling somehow esp. with the comments…

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