Look who’s talking

Together in hypocrisy

The OIC’s Contact Group for Kashmir, comprising of such leading respecters of human rights as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Niger and Turkey, has called for an immediate end to the human rights abuses in Indian Kashmir. In the Observer’s top 100 offenders of human rights in 2003, three of the four OIC finger-pointers score worse than India: Turkey (13.47), Saudi Arabia (12.58), Pakistan (12.45). India scores 10.90 and the United States 9.27.

The OIC will be doing a great favour to the international community if it could first get its own members to put their respective houses in order. In the meantime, it would do well to just shut up.

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  1. Was wondering, since it’s now all the rage to pass resolutions demanding human rights in other countries (a la OIC) or release human rights reports commenting on the world (a la US or Amnesty) – maybe Delhi should start compiling an HR index and with great pomposity (comes naturally to our netas) and fanfare, release it the public – aka dedicate it to the world. This can then be follwed up by specific resolutions passed by the cabinet or even parliament targeting Paki sectarianism, Bangla vigilantism, Saudi terror laundering, Iraninan jehad-exports, the turk record in kurdistan, China’s humanism in Xinjiang and Tibet etc etc.
    For pragmatic reasons, a quasi-govt or non-govt body can release the report giving Delhi deniability if necessary.

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