The lesson for Bangladesh

The fault dear Brutus…

The Bangladesh government is suffering from the negative consequences of inflated expectations; it raised public expectations when it gave a very high profile to its campaign to get its candidate, the controversial S Q Chaudhury, elected to the position of Secretary-General of the OIC. The government presented his election to the position almost as a fait accompli to its own people; so when the OIC filled its vacancy by electing a Turkish scholar, Bangladesh was plunged into an all new political controversy.

As with any top-level appointment in any international organisation, actual qualification of the candidate and the merit of his case is usually secondary to economic, political and diplomatic assertiveness of his proposing country. None of these planets were aligned in favour of S Q Chaudhury. His post election behaviour was probably the best indicator of his unsuitability for the position, as Niraj reveals, Chaudhury made some very profane remarks indeed.

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