Chittagong shows the way

Bangladesh privatises airport management

Thai Airways will soon manage Chittagong Airport. It is expected that privatisation will allow Chittagong’s ambitions to take-off. Besides improving the efficiency of the airport, Bangladesh hopes that this airport will better link it to its ASEAN neighbours.

3 thoughts on “Chittagong shows the way”

  1. Chittagong can not only become a connecting point to ASEAN but also a hub to Indian (north east cities). Like I was trying to get into Imphal(Mizoram) from Kunming (in China) recently and I figured the best way is to that I fly Thai airways to Bangkok and take the Bangkok – Chittagong flight and then cross the border by land. Notice that Calcutta is not there at all in the route.

  2. Preetam,

    Calcutta airport is still in the 60s. I once went to the restaurant on the first floor while on transit, and the crockery looked ancient.

    Bangkok looks set to become yet another air hub in South East Asia.

  3. Privatizing the airport is not good enough, it should be declared an “open airport”, so any airline can fly to-and-from it.

    Many Gulf airlines have indicated they would like to fly to Chittagong, but are banned by the Bangladesh goverment because it wants to protect Biman Bangladesh from competition.

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