D Company’s fake CDs fund terror

A reason not to buy pirated Bollywood CDs and DVDs

Dawood Ibrahim runs two factories in Pakistan which churn out pirated CDs and DVDs, the proceeds of which are used to fund al Qaeda-linked terrorist organisations like the Lashkar-e-Taiba (via ChapatiMystery).

Ibrahim has found common cause with Al Qaeda, sharing his smuggling routes with the terrorist network and funding attacks by Islamic extremists aimed at destabilizing the Indian government, according to the State Department. [Reuters]

That pirated CD may have looked like a good bargain – but it may have someone’s blood on it.

5 thoughts on “D Company’s fake CDs fund terror”

  1. The pirated Hindi movies we get here in Dhaka comes from Pakistan. We can get films as soon as they are released in Indian Theatres (even before that). I wonder how they are able to do it?

    For a typical Bangladeshi customer’s view, nobody has really any idea where the source of the piracy is. But I think nobody would wish to buy DVD/VCD/CD’s which contribute funds to the criminal rackets.

  2. Rezwan,

    I’m not so sure. Consumers, whether in Bangladesh or in India, will respond to market price.

    If the price of the original CDs is much higher than the perceived value (vis-a-vis their income) then they are likely to purchase pirated goods. So, music companies and distributors must price CDs low enough in developing countries so that otherwise law-abiding citizens dont have to become ‘criminals’.

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