Implications of the Colombo suicide bombing

A rebellion within a rebellion

The LTTE has reverted to using a technique it pioneered – suicide bombing. Thanks to vigilant security personnel, the assassin got nowhere near the intended target, a federal minister, but blew up four policemen at a Colombo police station instead. Ever since the peace process started a couple of years ago, the Tamil Tigers have generally avoided staging attacks in Sri Lanka’s capital city; the latest incident suggests that they may have changed their minds. That Prabhakaran had to go to such lengths suggests that the rebellion within the LTTE is far from crushed.

Two excellent analyses on this subject; by Conrad at The Head Heeb (via Niraj), and B Raman at Outlook.

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  1. Thank you very much for the link to my post and to Raman’s article – I missed it in my reading. It was interesting, I share the same basic ‘realist’ paradigm that Raman has but my approach is a little different since I am more of a ‘regionalist’ and I think he represents very much an orthodox nationalist position; but there is much overlap between the analysis within both vantagepoints.

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