Now its down to invoking Allah

But God helps those who help themselves

Its a common enough scene in Bollywood movies. The doctors give up. A man with a stethoscope delivers the cliche to the shattered protagonist, “Ab ise dawa nahi, dua ki zaroorat hai” (Its time for prayers, not medications). Usually this is followed by extremely emotional songs or very powerful dialogues after which the patient miraculously wakes up and walks off his hospital bed. Natwar Singh and his deputy have done their own version of the Deewar scene.

“Islam teaches everybody to be just and fair and the people of India expect that captors will also honours the Islamic way of thinking towards the innocent,” Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahamed said.

Ahamed made the appeal in a statement in Arabic before television cameras in a bid to address the captors and the Iraqi people directly in their language.

Ahamed said: “As far as I am concerned, I have absolute faith in Almighty Allah to give Hidayath to the group who keep out people as hostages to release them.

“As a believer in God, I always hope that the Almighty will help our people in being released from the captors,” he added. [HT]

Unfortunately, invoking the Almighty and resorting to Indian fatalism makes very bad security policy. And what if the Iraqi insurgents decide to spare those who believe in Allah and decapitate those who dont? Worse still, what if the Iraqi insurgents are not familiar with Bollywood scripts?

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