Musharraf and 9/11

What did Musharraf know and when did he know it

It is entirely plausible that Pakistani intelligence knew about the 9/11 plot given its deep links to both the al Qaeda and the Taliban. The chief of the ISI at that time, Lt Gen Mehmood Ahmed was one of the instigators of the coup that brought Musharraf to power. As army chief and president, Musharraf presided over the military-intelligence apparatus that was ‘handling’ the Taliban and the al Qaeda. This is quite substantial circumstantial evidence, enough to implicate him personally. Saddam Hussein was attacked for less.

B Raman argues that it is inconceivable that Musharraf did not know about the attacks, or at least the possibility of it. Yet, he did nothing to warn the United States about them. This is yet another crime for which the General is escaping being called to account.

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  1. isnt there a joke on how pervez calls up bush early on sep 11, 2001 to offer his condolences at the huge loss of lives. bush says he doesnt understand, its only then that musharraf realizes whats happened and he hangs up after figuring out that it wasnt yet morning in the US!

  2. It is high time United states and the International Community take serious note of the activities of Musharraf.US is rewarding pakistan by offering Economic package and Military Hardware. I dont understand why US is behaving like this although they know that pakistan is behind some of the nuclear proliferation and support for Terrorist Organisations

  3. It is highly unlikely, by 2001 Taliban was increasingly independent. And it is also doubtful that many in Taliban knew what Osama was planning. ISI probably had no clue either. In fact ISI had half-heartedly agreed to help the US grab Osama and they even set up a special unit for this.

    I recently read a very interesting book “Ghost Wars” by Steve Coll. The 700 odd pages trace the history of Afghanistan from the Soviet Invasion to the rise of Taliban and right upto September 11. The author details out the role of CIA and ISI in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Very interesting read.

    There is an incident in the book that describes Mullah Omar snubbing the ISI chief. This happened when he flew to Kabul to stop Omar from destroying the Buddha statues at Bamian.

    Here is an Amazon link to the book.

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