A stamp of shame

And I’m running out of synonyms for “grovel”

The Indian passport will now carry a stamp of shame.

“The Protector of Emigrants, while giving clearance for travel to Kuwait and Jordan, will endorse in the passports of applicants, a stamp that the passport is not valid for travel to Iraq,” the minister said. [Rediff]

And as demanded by the kidnappers, it is likely that an Indian diplomat will drag the country’s nose through the mud on all major Arab satellite television channels.

Millions of people around the world are likely to be treated to a spectacle of an official representative of this nation of a billion people, a nuclear power to boot, an aspirant for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, humbly bow down and kiss the collective posteriors of terrorists. In many countries, such an insult would have been enough for the government to resign. In India, Manmohan Singh’s lack of leadership reveals that he is not prime-ministerial material. [Update: It was Congress president Sonia Gandhi who ‘summoned‘ the Cabinet for an update on the hostage crisis. The prime minister probably was reading all those files in detail.]

Niraj writes that the terrorists have ironically invoked Gandhi in their demands. But there is a greater irony. Gandhi prevailed over an occupying force by the sheer moral force of non-violence; the Manmohan Singh government allowed itself to be prevailed over by a bunch of violent terrorists whose methods Gandhi would have, shall we say, disapproved.

9 thoughts on “A stamp of shame”

  1. agreed. India is a power that will say we are toleran and take any humaliation that comes the way.

    Our own Kashmir issue is a stand to that when we realised The hijacker of IA-840. “Azhar”. Who is in Pakistan giving lectures around to continue the jehad. Best of Luck Indian.

  2. Shikhar,
    VHP, Bajrangis are the rabid dogs of the Sangh Parivar just like the Islamic jihadis are the rabid dogs of Islam.

    These dogs know only the path of violence that will create further divisions in an already divided society and that is the last thing we need in India.

  3. If we debate further on this then we will be debating what came first – the hen or the egg. So lets stop it here.

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