7 thoughts on “Donations for Bangladeshi flood victims”

  1. Shikhar,

    You know why death and disease are known as levellers? They make no distinction between Hindu or Muslim, Bangladeshi or Indian.

    Why is India fighting the war in Kashmir? For land? What good is the land if all the people are dead?

    No, we are fighting a war because we believe India has a superior model for human development. That is because of secularism and democracy. We may lack economic freedom, but we do ensure that its citizens get to determine what India becomes. In the end, it is a battle of ideas. And despite what silly human rights organisations or self-promoters like Arundhati Roys say, India guarantees its citizens certain inalienable rights. India did this much before America gave civil rights to blacks, or the European Union decided to institute rights for its people.

    India must stop at nothing to protect its self-interests, and the lives of its citizens. India must be concerned if regimes in its neighbourhood start repressing their citizens (of any religion or ethnicity), but that certainly does not making humanitarian interventions contingent on how those regimes respond to Indian sentiments.

    You may not want to open up your cheque book if you think the money is not well spent – that’s your individual decision. But remember, a dollar held back may hurt those innocent hindus more than a dollar spent.

  2. Shikhar,

    There are people like you in Bangladesh, who generalize some barbarian acts as deeds of the whole nation and race. When they would argue, they would quote Muslim killings in Gujarat etc.

    But one thing all of you people should understand that you should not write off a whole lot of people just as they are not your same race. The hindu Muslim dichoromy, as sowed by the british in the people of the subcontinent to divide and rule is still in herited by us. We cannot uproot it by any means. And how could you generalize Pakistan with Bangladesh? Because they are both muslim majority country and you are something else?

    Have you ever thought there are a whole lot of people( fyi happens to be muslim also) vocal in Bangladesh against the oppression of minorities by the right wing political parties?

    And just to remind you that there are people of all religions among the effected. We, the Bangladeshis did not for an instance thought about whom we are donating.

    Because usually racism is a product of politics and imposing self interest on others. Nobody should accept conditioned donations.

  3. Shikar, whilst you continue to banter about the right and wrong doings of human nature, there are PEOPLE dying. I highlight people in capital letters because that is simply what they are. Human beings who strive to live and work hard to keep their family alive. Now as their children and wives, brothers, siters and relatives and friends die right before them, should we engage in this political debate. A donation comes from the heart from one human being to help another. It is not a conditional concept whereby there have to be personal agendas and negotiations behind it. These innocent people dying have done nothing to disturb the political balance of any nation, so why must they now pay the consequesnces?

    I am from the UK and as a human being I will donate to any human being in pain, whether they be Muslim, Hindus, Christians because I cannot replace humanity with personal grudges. My colleagues at my workplace feel the same, that is why they are reaching deep into their pockets and coming together to aid the people who are in dire need of help from the better off people in other nations. The money that we collectively raise will go to anyone effected by the floods, whether they be in Bangladesh or India. If you feel that you can only depart with your money to your fellow countrymen, then by all means go ahead, because at the end of the day it doesnt matter where one person resides as long as they survive.

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