Pakistan provides covering fire for infiltrators

The bluff begins to end?

Although India has refrained from making public comments on this, the Pakistani army has begun providing covering fire to jihadi infiltrators. This was to be expected.

Along with the ceasefire, the fence had presented a significant, but not unsurmountable, hurdle for the jihadis. Cut off from their supply lines in Pakistan, the terrorists faced an uphill battle fighting security forces in Indian Kashmir, causing them to concentrate on soft targets like villagers, semi-nomadic Gujjar herdsmen and tourists. Child soldiers were also drafted in to make up for the shortfall in their numbers. As seen by the strengthening of the Syed Ali Geelani faction of the Hurriyat, the jihadi interests have united and signalled to Musharraf that they could not hold out much longer.

It is going back to blackmail. Musharraf is making it very clear that if the speed and outcome of talks are not to his liking, violence is very much a card he is only too willing to use.

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