What’s common to Superman, Batman and ‘moderate’ Taliban?

The Taliban are beyond the pale. And there are good reasons why they should remain that way.

The ISI has implemented corporate restructuring on its yet another of its subsidiaries. Reuters reports (via The Argus) that the Taliban has split with the breakaway faction refusing to accept the leadership of Mullah Omar.

Reports of a possible rehabilitation of the Taliban have been around for some time, with Pakistani Islamists and the British Foreign Office as go-betweens. Attempts to create a moderate Taliban are rooted in Pakistan-promoted dogmatic thinking – that the international community must make peace with the Taliban to make peace in Afghanistan. Not only is this line defeatist, it is also wrong. Afghans across the board detested the Taliban and welcomed its expulsion from power. The United States risks losing more than just credibility if it were to make a pact with a fictional entity called ‘moderate’ Taliban.

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