Emergency declared in the Maldives

Bottled up democratic aspirations erupt

Under President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s quarter-century in power, per-capita GDP in the Maldives jumped from under $200 to over $2000, propelling it to the most prosperous South Asian economy. Tourism is booming. But dissatisfaction against his political dominance boiled over into protests, due to which the government has declared a state of emergency.

In 1998, Sri Lankan Tamil militants of the PLOTE group tried to ovethrow the Gayoom government, but timely intervention by Indian security forces (Operation Cactus) cleared them out within 24 hours.

Popular dissatisfaction against politically dominant leaders tend to be exploited by religious fundamentalists in Islamic countries. Maldives too can fall victim to this trend if the Gayoom government continues to dominate the political landscape.

3 thoughts on “Emergency declared in the Maldives”

  1. U are absolutely lying, there is no torture in maldives, at least nothing that can be said as government planned torture, the only torture were islolated incidences, which are being investigated by maldives human rights commision, Please why dont u belive what ppl in maldives are saying, nobody here suports the opposition,most of them have bad public records of corruption and everything agaisnt society, they dont support democracy, they dont even knwo what it is>.They just want power because they were not allowed to continue with their illegitimate businesses of drug running, pimping.i hope these guys never get power in the maldives.DO is nto the truth, its the furthest thing from the truth. Plz , pLZ, plz, dont belive what it says,The writers aint even in maldives.they excegerate and lie.

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