India-Asean Car Rally 2004

At least one look east initiative continues

The Confederation of Indian Industry is partnering the Indian government and the ASEAN to kick-off the first international car rally in South East Asia. Between late-November and early-December, participants will drive across all countries of peninsular South East Asia crossing a distance of over 8000km, starting in Guwahati in India’s Assam state, and ending in Singapore. A mini-car rally will be held in India’s north eastern states in conjunction with this event.

What is most interesting about this initiative is that Manmohan Singh has taken a personal interest in continuing a project that his predecessor conceived. Dr Singh will do well to follow-suit on other Look East projects – on free-trade and regional security cooperation.

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  1. India will have to look EAST WEST NORTH SOUTH as well as INTERNALLY if it has to acheive its ambition of being a developed country. It has no options.

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