Manmohan Singh to take a personal interest in Infrastructure

He has got the point

The new transport minister extended the deadline for the completion of the golden quadrilateral (i.e. India’s first attempt at building decent roads) project after it became the victim of too many politicians stirring up the broth. That is the bad news. The good news is that the Prime Minister himself has announced his intention to oversee modernisation of India’s infrastructure.

Then, turning to the subject that held the key to India’s economic growth, he spelt out a new role for himself. He said the country was crying out for world-class infrastructure. So the government would start monitoring progress in key infrastructure projects, including airports, power, telecommunications, roads, ports, etc., on a quarterly basis to make sure that targets were being met.

‘‘To this end, I am setting up a high-level committee on infrastructure that I will chair myself,’’ he said.

‘I have asked the Planning Commission to prepare a paper indicating what the regulatory structure should be for each area,’’ he said.[IE]

Prime Minister Singh is on firm ground when he holds forth on topics such as these – economic development and reforming of the license raj. In the end, his redemption may lie in his delivering on these promises.

5 thoughts on “Manmohan Singh to take a personal interest in Infrastructure”

  1. First let those pseudo-nationalists allow him some peace, which right now is the last thing on their mind.

  2. One feature of the Manmohan Singh government has been that they have stuck to their stand (till now) on decisions like FDI in insurance & airport modernisation. There has been no roolbacks of measures anounced in budgets unlike previous governments despite stiff opposition from the left. This is a welcome feature and makes one hopeful.

  3. Good going, Manmohan saheb! If only you could’ve been a bit tougher on wilful defaulters amongst your cabinet and bureaucracy! Alas, your soft iimage of sweet reasonableness while helpful in places is certainly not so good in others!

  4. It is nice to know that the Prime Minister finally realized he’s the Prime Minister, and not some mousy cabinet secretary.

  5. our government should give prime importance to infrastructure like roads, harbours, airports and the railways. our public transportation system is still considered to be in medeival age. we have to compete with china which is working our plans to build incredible infrastructure. we should not be left behind.airtravel should also be made cheaper so that it can be accessible by a common man. our foreign trade will grow only if we have good harbours and airports which are already very conjusted without modernisation.the government should work out plans to attract tourist dollars.

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