There wont be any revolt

Apathy too is part of the body fabric
Malvika Singh’s Saturday morning rants on the corruption and mediocrity in India’s public life ends up concluding that there will be a revolt if things dont change. Her conclusion is incorrect. The thinking-electorate is oblivious and apathetic to the entire affair. People get leaders they deserve and mediocrity exists in public life because it is acceptable. That’s why there will not be any popular revolt any time soon.

Why do government offices smell of stale urine when private sector offices are clean? From this very basic level, all the way up to policies and implementation, we remain careless and unconcerned with quality. As a people we seem to cut every corner.

India is a celebration of rampant mediocrity. Anything goes. All is accepted. Excellence is forgotten and no one strives for it any more. Excuses have become our mantra.

And, nobody, no authority or institution demands any better. We have begun to wallow in muck — our physical environment is unacceptable and our intellectual space is getting more and more polluted. [FE]

4 thoughts on “There wont be any revolt”

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  2. India can never be counted out. Change can come in unexpected, dramatic ways. Personally I am hoping that (sooner or later) the old, aged politicians will leave us alone and a new breed of youngsters will emerge.

    While it is safe to say that these youngsters will be corrupt as well, there might be some incremental improvements in quality, if only to safeguard their own positions in power.

  3. “India is a celebration of rampant mediocrity. Anything goes. All is accepted.”
    Wow. Must admit these words struck my heart and resonated real loud. I 100% agree.
    Our best hope lies not in some ‘young political generation’ changing things but in a couple of these staid old guys – namely the PM and the FM – actually doing what they promised viz an end to inspector raj and creation of a unified market structure in india.
    If you casn’t improve govt offices’ functioning, the next best thing i guess is to make such offices irrelevant! Which is what will happen if discetionary powers are taken away from our worthy babus!

  4. Dear Nitin,

    Inida is on its way to revolt, People know about this are ready to go against the corrupt.

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