Deep thoughts about Partition

Read without prejudice

Conrad Barwa’s ‘unrepentent (inter)nationalist’ and scholarly post on India, Pakistan and Partition has led to a scholarly debate on The Head Heeb (via Aziz Poonawalla). On a related note, Irfan ‘Mazdak’ Hussain provides a Pakistani perspective of the Indian perspective of the subcontinent’s history. Sepoy’s series on ‘Imagining Pakistan’ highlights the influence of three intellectuals – Altaf Hussain Hali, Mohammed Ali Jauhar and Allama Iqbal on the Muslims of pre-Partition India.

2 thoughts on “Deep thoughts about Partition”

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  2. Thanks for the link, I would describe myself as a nationalist with a strong regionalist orientation, rather than an inter-nationalist as such. Not that I object to the latter position but I just don’t think it makes sense for us as a nation at the moment and more generally I don’t think the global states-system is ready for this jump yet. That step will need to be taken, if the opportunity arises by future generations, but we can still add to this legacy by working towards regional solutions and frameworks in the present. I hope you enjoyed the post, I think anyone who read the whole thing definitely deserves praise for preserverance:)

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