The gravest threat to India

Job reservations in the private sector spell doom

If Manmohan Singh’s government had left private-sector job reservations as one unkept electoral promise, he would have done the nation a great service. But by taking the initial steps towards polluting the private sector with the politics of entitlement, the UPA government has risked setting in motion an unstoppable political juggernaut that would only result in the evisceration of the Indian economy. In the global context, corporate India may not even get that one silver medal, even as China comes closes to overtaking America’s medals tally.

Affirmative action may have its advantages, but in India the system of job-reservations in the government sector has led to the perversion of the original objectives of such a policy and worse, entrenched divisions based on castes and communities. We thus have the farcical spectacle of more communities clamouring to be declared backward every year. While this may be exactly what the vote-bank politicians want, it has left citizens divided, polarised and resentful of other communities. The transplantation of this perverse policy onto the private sector would probably rival Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward that brought China’s economy down to its knees in the 1960s.

To even have considered a job-reservation policy for the private sector was idiocy. Trying to put it into practice would be sheer lunacy.


Reservations are probably the first step in the long process that breaks a person’s innocence and idealism. The student comes away with the dull realisation that the “system” isn’t fair and he may conclude that it will never be.[Spontaneous Order]

5 thoughts on “The gravest threat to India”

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  2. when Ambedkar introduced reservations, he was clear that it should be time bound and the reservations should be removed after a suitable period.
    while the reservation policy in the public sector has pesevered and expanded in scope there has been very little benefit of this so called affirmative action. It has only led to clamouring for more reservations.
    the reservations in private sector would be disastrous and would severly impact any competitive adventage India might enjoy by demoralizing good hard working employees.

  3. Hello all,

    The reservation should be totally abolished in india,it is affecting any of the postive aspects in putting the country forward. It is ashameful that we are staying in india,if this continues, absolutely people in india who are educates( irrespective of caste) have to suffer.Already People who are intellectual are leaving this country and settling in foriegn countries.My sincere question why cannot the backward caste people try to put their effort and compete in the market, why the hell they need reservation.Iam totally happy about the decision taken by the supreme court in putting redsignal in Private professional institutions for reservation seeking people.I feel this is the stepping stone for claiming India as a developing nation.Our India GDP’s participation is pushing by our Private industries.
    If India provides place for reservation seeking people.I feel there is no point in staying educative people to serve our country.
    My sinceere request in no caste based people that treat yourselves as an INDIAN.
    Try to completely remove the root cause problem of “reservation”.Otherwise People take an advantageof this, and never use their brain in competing with the advance technology.Because of reservation Our Indian PSU’s and some of the State sector industries went in to vain, then where is the point in selling indian products.

    I will support if the Economically weaker section people are given education and financial help, it could be any class ( backward or forward).

    Remember indians if you want to protect your country, join hands now and fight against this,
    Happy Independence Day all,
    Jai hind.
    vande matharam.

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