Winds of Change Subcontinent Survey

The monthly round-up of South Asian events and their wider implications

Robi Sen and I have put up this month’s Subcontinent Survey (previously known as the South Asia Briefing) on Winds of Change.NET.

Topics include:

Pakistan pursues al Qaeda with a new seriousness; The Maldives at sea; Bangladesh; Balochistan rises in revolt, again; Shifting Alliances; India – trouble beyond the Chicken’s neck; Nepal – A shattered Shangri-La

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  2. This weeks content was mostly yours Nitin in that I have had almost no time since I have been here in New York working. As usual thanks and great stuff. BTW did you see the link to Putin claiming that the same group that had tried to assassinate Mushie was also the same group that blew up the Russian airliners last week?

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