Pakistan alleges Indian involvement in Nepal riots

More fairy tales from Pakistan

Not content with alleging the involvement of India’s intelligence agency in the uprising in Balochistan, Pakistani ‘government officials’ have gone on to allege that the recent riots in Kathmandu too were instigated by elements backed by RAW. And to add additional incredulousness to hallucination, the same government official alleged that the infamous IC-814 hijacking was conceived and carried out by Indian intelligence.

The unfortunate riots in Nepal occurred because of the sheer helplessness faced by ordinary Nepalis outraged at the brutal murder of their countrymen in Iraq, as well as their own government’s incapability to do anything about it. In its irrational rage, the mob attacked targets which were perceived to be middle-eastern or Islamic.

The Pakistani ISI’s use of Nepal as a staging ground for terrorist operations is well known. Its latest attempts at spreading such misinformation appears directed at obfuscating its own dark agenda.

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