In the Great Reverse, China and India will reclaim their places

The balance of power will follow the balance of influence

Yale Global is doing a three part series on “The Great Reverse”.

There are those who argue that history is cyclical, while others prefer to conceptualize it as an ebb and flow. As the economies of China and India continue their dizzying growth, it seems that history is preparing to repeat itself. Economist Clyde Prestowitz, in the first of a three-part series, coins the term “The Great Reverse” in reference to the projected Asian-leaning shift in the global balance of power. In his exposition of three discreet waves of globalization, Prestowitz details the developments that facilitated the rise, fall, and rise, once again, of the East’s global influence. And if history is any indicator, India and China may, in the coming century, compete for the title, “World Economic Superpower.”[Yale Global]

1 thought on “In the Great Reverse, China and India will reclaim their places”

  1. Heartening to hear all this talk, I must say.
    truth is the next 2 generatiosn belong to China (roughly 50 yrs) and the 2 generations after that will belong to us (the next 50-100 yrs).
    By then we should’ve created a large middle class strong enough to cut across caste and creed factors and make govt do development only.
    China meanwhile, not having these headaches of a democracy will reap thjis dividend much earlier, i think. Almosty 50 yrs earlier and will therefore be able to give millions of chinese a better life much earlier than we would be able to.

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