No Czech radars for Pakistan

Czech defence ministry deems it against its interests

Vera is a passive surveillance system; unlike ordinary radars it does not emit any signals, but only listens for, collects and processes signals from other radars, aircraft, ships or terrestrial vehicles. Most importantly, it can detect American stealth aircraft.

But the Pakistani army cannot have it. The Czech decision must have pleased both Amnesty International (which campaigned against the sale) and the US Defense Department (which flies those stealth aircraft).

3 thoughts on “No Czech radars for Pakistan”

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  2. The only better thing in this case that could’ve happened is that Pakpays for the system and then the decision to not-sell is taken by Prague and then the money remains in limbo for years….like had happened in the doomed F-16 deal with the US…..

    Every rupee of money not spent on Pak’s overfed, corrupt, immoral and pampered armed forces raises the hiopes for permanent peace in south asia one notch.

  3. I thought sudhir had some knowledge of the sub-continent. Otherwise he wouldn’t have made this statement .

    “Every rupee of money not spent on Pak’s overfed ….armed forces raises the permanent peace in south asia one notch.”

    As if we are buying all the weapons and india is crying and not doing anything . Last year India spent $13 Billion on arms to $3 Billion of Pakistan. The initiation of Peace must be from the larger party.

    I am all for Peace in south asia , but if people like you preach arms for India and sticks for Pakistan, then i don;t think that peace is attainable.

    PS: It will be rather like what Isreal is doing to Palestenians , they are helpless and no way to defend themselves.

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