9/11 and anti-Islam conspiracies

Pakistan’s Islamist ideologues continue to blame a US-India-Israel nexus

Three years after the 9/11 attacks, Pakistan’s Islamist politicians continue to maintain that those attacks were carried out as part of a conspiracy against Islam. Writing in the Dawn, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, insinuates that America, India and Israel are now openly plotting against Muslims. In his view, the Taliban and Saddam Hussein demonstrated an independent spirit which became an eye-sore for for the US.

Looking back at the 9/11 incident, it appeared to be part of a pre-meditated vicious trap for victimizing Muslims and their resistance movements, specially in Palestine, Kashmir and Chechnya, since the entire western media began a full-blast campaign right from the start, accusing Taliban and other Muslims connecting them with an unknown organization (Al Qaeda) which was held to be the mastermind behind the attacks on Twin Towers. They did not even wait for any proof or any formal announcement by the US intelligence agencies in this regard.

So far none of the investigations have categorically pinpointed any culprits of the 9/11 attacks and there were a vast variety of theories and hypotheses. Many theories ruled out that Muslims were involved in the attacks, thus negating the basis of the vicious anti-Muslim propaganda line. [Dawn]

Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s pronouncements are dangerous because they are aimed at perpetuating the feeling of victimisation of Muslims that breeds hopelessness and ultimately leads to the worst forms of terrorism, including suicide-bombings.

During those three years, General Musharraf has not only strengthened the hand of the Islamist politicians, he has done a 360-degree turn on the Islamist supply-chain. Madrassas reform is now officially dead. Moreover, they will be given ample notice before terrorist-seeking security forces commence their raids.

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  1. You’re right in that this feeling of victimization is what causes terrorism and you can see the entire state propaganda machnery busily lying away to paint Indian forces, Israeli forces, American forces etc as persecutors.

    What’s more, ever wondered why the jehadis don’t attack the part of kashmir under Chinese occupation? Because they know Chna is strong while India is weak and soft. They understand persecution as long as the enemy can be defeated. Too bad Delhi never learns its lessons and continues treating jehadis with kid gloves.

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