Both Musharraf and Bin Laden are popular in Pakistan

Pew Research reveals an irony

Pervez Musharraf, America’s frontline ally in the war on terror and Osama Bin Laden, its primary target, are both viewed favourably in Pakistan. So are suicide-bombings against Israelis and Americans (the survey did’nt ask about Indians).From Pew Research Centre - People Press

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is widely unknown, with a third or more in every country except Pakistan giving no opinion. Pakistanis expressed highly favorable opinions of their president; 86% rate him favorably, and 60% view him very favorably, by far the highest rating of any leader in the survey. Views of Musharraf are more positive than negative in Turkey, and are about evenly divided in Britain, the U.S., Russia, and Jordan. Negative opinion of Musharraf is strongest in France, Germany, and Morocco.

Osama bin Laden is viewed with almost universal disdain throughout the European nations surveyed as well as in Turkey. But bin Laden is regarded favorably by 65% of Pakistanis and by 55% of Jordanians. Moroccans are divided in their views, with 45% favorable and 42% unfavorable. [People Press]

Update: Daily Times analysis of the Pew poll

4 thoughts on “Both Musharraf and Bin Laden are popular in Pakistan”

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  2. India was not polled for obvious reasons – Indians would be severely biased against Mushy baby (who would get zero). Maybe 5% of Indians would have polled for Osama.
    Still it is a measure of Mushy’s manipulation of World opinion that he is being viewed favorably (not widely despised) across Western World capitals.

  3. Wait a minute…. I think the polling was done in Pak. And We don’t need to know what the Pkais will say about suicide (or any other) terrorism against Indians…Its like asking does the sun rise in the east?

    Anyway folks, I sincerely believe we (i.e. the world) is rapidly heading towards a flash point. One set of cataclysmic events that’ll unleash a chain reaction. Too many areas in the world are sitting on powder kegs right now. Big question is, where will it all begin? Iran? Sudan? Pakistan? Iraq? Saudi? …..1

  4. Kiran,

    I meant that the survey did not ask if the respondents were in favour of suicide-bombings of Indians. As Sudhir points out, it is likely that Pakistanis would view this quite favourably too.

    Also, it is quite surprising that Musharraf’s impression is only so-so in many of those places; he has been on several high-profile foreign policy trips, trying to change international perceptions of himself and Pakistan. Especially Turkey, which he has taken quite some effort to court.

    In many ways it has already begun. As someone said, ‘The future is already here, it is just unequally distributed’

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