Pakistani arms shipment seized in Kabul

The Taliban continue to get help from across the border

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s interim president, must have thought he had a deal when his dictator-next-door promised to cooperate in ensuring peaceful elections in Afghanistan. While it was not explicit, the timing of the release and repatriation of hundreds of Pakistani Taliban from Afghan prisons suggests that it was part of that deal.

Inconveniently for Musharraf, British troops of the international security assistance force seized a Pakistani vehicle carrying AK-47s for the associates of the Jamiat-e-Ulema Pakistan, suggesting that the Taliban’s erstwhile sponsors continue to support their wards. Using jihadis to disrupt elections is an art that the ISI has already perfected, and Hamid Karzai is likely to get a taste of it next month, not least because of Musharraf’s ‘lightening’ resolve.

5 thoughts on “Pakistani arms shipment seized in Kabul”

  1. Interesting, but hardly surprising. The Taliban has more than recuperated in provinces in Afghanistan, but have promised to cut a ear off anyone found carrying a Govt issues election card – a sort fo voters’ ID card. The Govt has retaliated by charging a 300 dinar fine. No prizes for guessing what the people choose.

  2. Anybody believing Pakisitan’s promises and assurances (whether by a dictator or by a democrat) would be naive at best, masochistic at worst. India, the US and Afghanistan have already tasted Pak’s mendacity repeatedly and are, at least in theory, in no need of further lessons on this score.

    But ist turns out that the pakistani people are by far the most naive and moronic in that their newspapers and politiicians somehow carry the hope of annexing Kashmir, of eliminating poverty, of bringing in enlightened moderation, of enjoying a brighter future etc…*LOL* These are nothing but yet more of islamabad’s grandiose promises….tut,tut we know what happens to islamabad’s promises, don’t we?

  3. An attempt was also made on President Karzai’s life. This along with the seizure of arms suggest that Afganistan is far from secure and that the Pakistan is still helping out its mercenary forces in Afganistan.

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