Naga rebels vow to punish the terrorists

Messrs Isak and Muivah do the right thing

The NSCN (Isak-Muivah) shows political maturity that shows why it is a serious partner in the peace process, and how different it is from the likes of the Hurriyat.

RDX, a lethal plastic explosive, may have been used to trigger the three blasts in Dimapur on Saturday that killed at least 36 people and left over 100 injured even as the dominant Issac-Muivah group of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM) offered a reward of Rs 100,000 for anyone who is able to give information on the person or organisation responsible for the explosions.

“We have found traces of RDX at the blast site, although only a detailed investigation can establish it as a fact,” a security official said.

Terming the blasts as a “satanic act”, the NSCN(IM) has vowed to trace the culprits and punish them.[Rediff]

They followed The Acorn’s advice.

2 thoughts on “Naga rebels vow to punish the terrorists”

  1. Good that the NSCN(IM) have joined the hunt for the terror-merchants. The best case solution situation I see for Nagaland is a Mizoram Laldenga kinda negotiated settlement wherein Isac-Muiviah get their act together and rightfully occupy the CM’s residence as political leaders of the naga people within the federation of India.

    Too much to ask for?

  2. This is a commendable action by the ISCN(IM), though it could be contrued as an attempt to uphold their own pre-eminence on the Nagaland insurgency scene. But it does show amazing political maturity all the same, and validates their own claim to being a force worthy of being talked to.
    For the time being the Central Govt should ideally agree to any reasonable solution that brings peace to Nagaland and keeps it within the Indian Federation. This should be done for most of the North East. With the advent of peace we have to work towards the economic development of this region, which will ensure that a closer integration with the rest of the country becomes an automatic demand of the people there, as they realise the immense benefits it holds for them. Of course this is all hard work, and I am not sure the Indian Govt is capable of such a course, but… well…

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