Pakistanis scared of an American invasion

It is about preventing a challenge to Musharraf’s authority

Varnam draws attention to US plans for a potential invasion of north west Pakistan if circumstances in the war against al Qaeda call for it.

72% of Pakistanis, for their part, are worried about the US carrying out such an invasion in the near future.

An invasion is unlikely. But the timing of this piece of news will assist Musharraf in his current reshuffle of his army commanders. No unhappy general is likely to challenge Musharraf with the threat of an American military strike on the cards.

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  1. *LOL*

    Its absurd to say that the noble denizens of the land of the pure can ever be scared by any eartly crisis, much less one perpetrated by satanic infidels…..

    Pakistan is by far the largest terrorist training camp in the world and shall proudly bear its distinction come hell or highwater.

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