India – the Ummah’s backdoor into the Security Council

A bizarre reason for Pakistan to support India’s UNSC bid

A normally scholarly Pakistani writer cites a strange reason for supporting India’s bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council (something which Pakistan has promised to block at all costs)

Keeping all these things in mind, we need to consider the merits of the Indian claim in a more objective manner. There is no chance that if India does not become a member Pakistan will. There is no other Muslim state that can realistically be put forth as a serious candidate for membership in the Security Council. The day when the Ummah is united in a grand caliphate ranging from Morocco to Indonesia is still not at hand. Should the Muslim world not seek other ways of gaining a voice in the Security Council?

Let me present a strategy that might help Muslims gain a voice directly in the Security Council. India already has a Muslim population of 140 million. It has been consistently opposing US interference in the Middle East and quite honestly its record on anti-imperialist issues is better than Pakistan’s. The sticking point is of course Kashmir, but I see little possibility of India bargaining with Pakistan on Kashmir to get the latter’s support. Pakistan does not have such great clout in the UN General Assembly as to mobilise effective opposition against India. [DT]

If India indeed deserves a place on the security council, it is because of what it is – a secular, liberal democratic polity, a growing economy with (debatably) rising global clout, and a regional military power. Representing the interests of any one (or all) religions does not belong to this list. Besides, dhimmitude cannot be the price India would need to pay to secure Pakistan’s support.

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  1. Inspite of 140 million muslims living Pakistan accuses India of treating muslims badly. Pakistan was formed with the objetive of providing a “safe home” to muslims of subcontinent.
    Wouldnt acknowledging that a seat for India in the UNSC give muslims a voice in the council be contrary to what pakistan has been harking for long.

  2. Aw, c’mon kautilya…. are you suggesting that the land of the pure isn’t treating its muslims better than India’s treating its minority? Pak has a siple solution to the problem- brand anyone it disagrees with non-muslim! So it goes with the beleaguered ahmediya community (The only Nobel winner of paki origin – Abdus Sattar – is disowned by Pak coz he’s Ahmediya!).

    Elsewhere. the sunnis don’tr consider the shias true muslims and vice versa and take secret pleasures in blowing yup the others mosques and gunning down worshippers when they’re done praying, ironically, to the same god (Note that the noncapitalized ‘g’ is intentional, I won’t call their BigBrother ‘God’).

    What’s more thwere’s even a convenient explanation for discrimination against the Mohajir community. They’re miogrants from India you see, o they’re somwehow tainted and can’t be true muslims… the list ghoes on but i can’t. I’ll close here.

    Sometimes, nitin, I can’t help but wonder if you aren’t giving puny Pak too much attention. I’d rather like to see more positive news from inside India about advances in Scitech, industry, infrastruc. etc

  3. I kind of agree with Sudhir. I think these are very petty comments (about getting India a seat to represent a particular community) for anyone to make, and maybe we should not give it too much attention except for the gossip and snigger value. Still the fact that the comment was made by a “normally scholarly” writer is of significance and is strangely responsible (and also means the that vast majority of his fundamentalist partners will not agree with it). I have always believed that the fact that India has 140 million Muslims should be used to our advantage in the International Islamic Community – in forums like the OIC and the OPEC (which puts some of it’s extortion gains into developing facilities for “Muslims” in “poor” countries). Of course we could be opening a Pandora’s Box in the shape of an entry door for “jihadis”, and surrendering some moral ground in the process. It is all a matter of maximizing the pros and limiting the cons.

  4. Kiran,

    For all those 140m Indian Muslims, the OIC does not want to accept India as a full member. That’s because it has been hijacked by the usual detractor. Actually, the full name of the OIC is the Organisation of Islamic Conference to the United Nations. It was perhaps the Ummah’s original vehicle for a voice in the UN; but its own failings have caused it to be ineffective.

    Whether through the OIC or through any other forum, it will be a great mistake for India to ever seek to represent a religion. Religion is perhaps the worst reason to interfere into other countries’ affairs (which a seat on the UNSC is all about)


    Fortunately, the Indian blogosphere in particular (and the Indian media in general) are not Pakistan-sensitive at all. This blog tends to cover Pakistan-related issues a bit more because it remains the most serious and most immediate security challenge for India. This leads to a lot of myths (eg that India cannot develop its economy unless there is peace with Pakistan, that people-to-people contacts will help, that there will be four Sundays a week after the Kashmir dispute is resolved etc) which begin to be taken for facts. All this is because I think we dont really understand what Pakistan is all about (we think the Pakistanis ‘are people like us’, which they are not).

  5. Let the OIC search for its own reason to support india in its bid for UN SC.Neither its suport nor opposition will make us to change/bargain to what we don’t believ. We believ in democracy, value of individual,humanity, same laws & rules for everyone whatever cast /creed/ religion & obiviously truth. As for as OIC think that we will reprasent middle east & south asean muslim community, they can assure themselves of it, even without being in SC we have objected US or any single country’s dictative, malign intention..wether it was against muslim or any other community. we objected vietnam, so we have morel suport for palestine cause..

  6. Given the propensity for Minority appleasement in India, the hopes of this author to hijack India’s entry to the Security council and convert it into a trojan horse for the Islamist agenda isn’t really misplaced. uber realpolitik I say.

    The Author seems to know that Indians are suckers for standing up for the Muslims which we have been doing all these years as a NAM leader. Give India a SC seat and make it a surrogate for the Ummah. Wow.

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