Chittagong arms were meant for Assamese terrorists

Sent by China, shipped through Britain

News Insight alleges that the arms consignment apprehended in Chittagong earlier this year came from China, were meant for Assamese terrorists, and was shipped through Britain.

The NDA was rudely shook when the largest consignment of Chinese arms meant for ULFA and others were recovered from a government dock in Chittagong in April this year during a routine police check. Since the deal originated in the UK and was put together by two Britons, the British government was keen to intervene in the subsequent investigation, which implicated two of Zia’s cabinet ministers, but Britain was kept out, and so was India. All Indian pressure to enter the inquiry failed, because India had failed to exercise its power punitively or sustainedly. From all accounts, the investigations have been terminated, the ministers have been exonerated, and no one is willing to bet on the status of the weapons’ consignment, which could well have gotten to the destined end-users.[NewsInsight]

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  3. My god! the bastards! India now needs to declare to B’desh – ‘you are with us or weith the terrorists’ and send in troops if need be. I’m sure chiina will howl protest but di they have the guts to send in troops? Let them and we’ll see.
    pak will continue to make noise, we simply ought to mute the Pak channel, or even better switch it off completely.

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