The Chinese hostage in Waziristan

The chickens come home to roost

Two poor Chinese engineers have been kidnapped and are being held captive by the tribesmen of Waziristan. The kidnappers want the Pakistani security forces to release their comrades who are in the government’s custody.

Unlike Americans, French and other westerners, the Chinese are considered ‘all-weather’ friends in Pakistan, making the nationality of the captives all the more uncomfortable for Gen Musharraf.

Updates: The commander of the hostage-takers was a former inmate of Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay.

2 thoughts on “The Chinese hostage in Waziristan”

  1. But unlike Americans, French and other Westerners, The Chinese (govt.) dosn’t have to worry about public opinion either.Trust Chinese press to totally ignore this story.

    Add to this the pragmatism of China. The project makes money or sense to China, then it wouldn’t even pull out like when the Chinese workers died in a blast earlier in May.

    Note what the Chinese manager said
    Sun Xiyo, general manager of the company in Gwadar, said: “We will continue our work at Gwadar.”

  2. Nicely put preetam.
    Its all nice and idealistic to say that democratic societies are the best blah blah but their obvious weaknesses like susceptibility to media manipulation (witness the beheadin videos etc) stretch that claim a lot. No wonder putin is moving away from unchecked democracy in his preparation to fight chechen terror.

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