7 thoughts on “5, AG”

  1. Nitin, Sorry apart form the topic. You must be aware that election are to be held in Maharashtra. I want to more about one person right to go to voting place and not finding the candidate of his choice and i still want to vote, What do i do? Shouls not there be a provision for pepole like that? Let me know. You can mail me or just post the rep[ly on blog. Thankd in advance.

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  3. Shikhar, It was when BJP was in power that our parliament was attacked. They didnt do anything about the illegal Bangladeshis when they were in power. U see it pays electoral dividends to both Cong and BJP to have illegal Bangldashish in India. For the Cong they are vote bank and BJP use them to polarise the Hindus.

  4. This is in response to Sunil’s comments.
    I think its time to have the recall option. Both BJP and Cong are the same – corrupt to the core. Both of them divide the society in their own ways. Maybe the recall option will force them do some work rather than sleep for 5 years.

  5. BJP didnt do anything about these pests when they were in power. Not all of them have identity papers to “prove” their Indianess. So all of them cant help the Cong. As we saw in Guj a polarised electorate will pay dividends to the BJP only.

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