When inmates run the asylum

New Delhi’s new monkey menace

The special court instituted at the behest of Laloo Prasad Yadav, India’s railway minister, has already released three men accused of starting the carnage. The first, Salim Jarda, jumped bail after he was allowed to visit his hometown to attend a ‘religious function’. The other two, Imran Ghani and Yusuf Patel, were spared the need to become fugitives when the court acquitted them for lack of sufficient evidence. With a convicted criminal like Laloo in the cabinet, it is unsurprising that the criminal justice becomes subsidiary to vote-bank politics.

Cultural Revolution

The loony Left has initiated its own Cultural Revolution, without the trifling requirement to actually be in government. Not content with maiming the economy, the Left has decided to begin a witchhunt against key people and institutions that it believes are sympathetic towards the BJP and its right-wing ideological parent, the RSS. It is not yet time for anyone wearing spectacles to go into hiding, but the purge has already claimed some high-profile scalps. If the loony Left believes it has the mandate to carry out its wholesale purge, it must join the government.

Not only are these tactics devious and cowardly, they also make a mockery of Indian democracy. New Delhi, it appears, is suffering from an all new monkey menace. And this time they are directing policy.

4 thoughts on “When inmates run the asylum”

  1. Heartbreaking indeed.

    India’ll probably get worse before it get better. Till then, we’re ‘prisoners of our own device’, borrowing from popular rock lyrics.

    Someone once said: All that evil requires to prevail is for good men to do nothing.
    And so it shall be in India. Because people like you and me are loath to get down to the leftist level of blatant prevarication, bullying, deception and delusion, we all lose.

  2. Nitin,
    Are u sure Laloo institued a court? I think he only ordered a railway enquiry into the bogey burning, etc. Pls double check.
    I think all u Mallus should take the blame for voting for the Commies en masse. It is bcoz of these unexpected harvest in Kerala these Commies are behaving like the new cultural police. hehehe…

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