A cultural revolution by stealth

The loony Left’s ‘detoxification’ drive hides a sinister agenda

There is a method to the Left’s looniness, writes Tavleen Singh, in an excellent column in the Sunday Express

It is time to take a stand against Comrades Surjeet, Basu, Yechury, Dasgupta, et al. Time to denounce them for the bunch of hypocrites they are. With starvation deaths reported (in this newspaper) from West Bengal, India’s longest ruled Marxist State, who are these Comrades to speak for the ‘‘people’’? Who are they to speak for anyone? Yet, not a day goes by when they do not have some new rap on the knuckles to administer to the Sonia-Manmohan coalition.

Admitted that the government survives on Marxist life support but if the Marxists are ‘‘outside supporters’’ then they need to stop behaving as if it is they who are in government and the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi their factotums. Uncertainty over who really rules us is already an internal affliction of this government with not even Cabinet ministers being sure. So, when the Home Minister thinks, as he did last week, that he is about to lose his job he runs off to plead with Sonia and not the Prime Minister. When ministers are unsure of policy matters they do the same, which makes governance much more complicated than it already is, so if the Marxists want the government to survive they must stop acting as if they were trying to pull it down.

Unless this is what they are secretly trying to do. Do not be fooled by the aged appearance and white hair of our Comrades, at heart they remain youthful revolutionaries and could be using the piggy-back to power in Delhi to try and demolish the bourgeois State from the inside.IE]

3 thoughts on “A cultural revolution by stealth”

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  2. Have always admired tavleen’s writings. First read her years back in India Today and immediately identified with her ideas back then coz they seemed ‘radical and rightwing’ (about as much as our oversecularized media estbment then was willing to permit in print).
    I nonetheless agree 100% with her.
    I suggesta godd course of action wouldbe investigate their support for china in 1962 in a formal judicvial inquiry and based on the inquiry report, ban the dorks for treason!

  3. It’s is a misconception that communists serve the ‘people’. They do not. They serve the party. It is their raison d’etre. If the party orders its members to jump, they ask how high, people be damned.

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